Florez Bar & Grill Huge Marketing Growth

We landed Florez Bar and Grill as a full 360 degree service client in December. The owner Roger Florez is a modern restauratuer, using his classic Florez recipe of quality dining with an aggressive approach to marketing business. To make a long blog short, the first month he hired our company, we broke every first month record we have every accomplished since the inception of YCB Marketing.

It was by far the largest first month growth we have had.We were expecting to have to tighten the screws and dust the cobwebs off of Roger Florez's previous marketing for at least 3 months from the start of our campaign to see growth. This was typical with marketing clients, it always takes a little elbow grease and time to get things rolling and in full gear. However Florez outperformed any client we have marketed and outperformed some of the top dawgs in the respective restaurant industry. More then doubled the reach on his competitors and tripled the growth performance against the top restuarants in Sacramento. How do we know this? We we were able to track the statistical facebook data of all other restuarants in Sacramento and view their demographics, growth, new likes, engagements and reach for the month. It's pretty cool facebook allows this and numbers dont lie. Not only did Florez outperform competitors in demographic reach, but beat them in new followers, post reach engagement and photo video shares.

Founders Esteban Ramos Lott and Mario Pacheco met with the owner Roger Florez this past weekend. They had some breakfast and went over our progress for December. He was very excited, energized and satisfied with our work. We discussed further strategy and new content to roll out for 2017. The funny thing is his campaigns were still running ads on Facebook and Instagram and the month wasn't even over yet! We will continue updating this miraculous Marketing Campain for Florez Bar and Grill and we are excited to see what 2017 brings.

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