Restuarant Marketing Shoot for Mayahuel

Mayahuel Restaurant and Tequila Musuem. Never heard of it? Then you have more then likely never experienced true Sacramento Mexican Dining, as it is an anchor in Sacramento county and quite arguably the best food,tequila and cultural hub of Mexican Dining in Northern CA. Senor Ernesto Delgado, the owner, is a very passionate, driven and detail orientated person. When you meet him the first thing you notice is his warm hospitality developed through years of experience being a restauratuer and his passion for his establishments. It immediately shows, from wall to wall and everything in between. As soon as you step into one of his cutting edge dining establishments you are immediately wowed by his layouts, the interior design scheme, lighting, colors and overall ambience. And dont even get us started on his food and drinks. You can cover your eyes and drop a pin on just about any item and you will remember that dish for as long as you think about Mexican Food.

Your Citys Best Marketing Group LLC had the pleasure of being selected by Ernesto as an extension of his Marketing Team. His vision for his media is photos that tell a story and Videos that engage the audience immediately and showcase the intricacies and beauty of his restaurant, Mayahuel.

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